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gob all ovur da hoodie

gob all ovur da hoodie

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derz gobs all ovur dis hoodie! u liek?
dis jackit gunna ship separit frun da udder produkts in dis drop (abowt 3-6 monthz) coz iz vary niec an we maekin it speshul fer u. da finel dezine mite bee a liddul diffrunt butt onlee bettar!!

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Produced in partnership with MERCHNAIN

(translated: This hoodie will ship separately from other products in this drop (estimated 3-6 months), as it is a custom made garment currently in development and production. 
Final designs may vary slightly, but will not be a downgrade from this preview. Item materials are subject to change based on order quantity and margins. We are committed to creating the best products possible for our community.)
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